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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Follow 4Cs before Buying Gemstone

So you want to purchase Gemstone. But don’t have a clue what to even look for to own any collared gemstone... well, here we are with our expert advice on neatly crafted points before buying any gemstone as a whole.

First of; Gemstones usually are available in variety of different colors. In the rough state of Gemstone you won’t find any great beauty. However, skillful polishing & cut makes it even more elegant as it appears to be.

Look for 4Cs before purchasing Gemstones.

1. Color

Don’t ever go for too much light or too much dark color in terms of purchasing Gemstones. You can definitely opt for the color shades like Intense or Pure or Bright or Rich or Vivid instead.

2. Clarity

The Existence or Non Existence of the Flaws inside the Gemstone defines the clarity of the Gemstone. Diamonds with fewer flaws priced higher. Only consider expert eye in order to get the Clarity of the Gemstone.

3. Cut

It clearly identifies the Symmetry & the proportions of the Gemstone. To test if the Gemstone is Well Cut, the Light reflection method is used. If the Light reflected in evenly manner across its surface area while being held face up, that Gemstone is well cut.

4. Carat

Please understand the difference between size & the Carat. Carat defines Weight. Size defines density. Gemstones are sold with respect to weight/carat only.

In this way, you can ask for 4Cs & get the basic idea before making any purchase related to Gemstone in real...!!!

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