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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thrilling Insights about Lab Grown Diamonds

Out in the Jewellery Industry, you will find people who will be readily telling you the difference between lab grown diamonds without machine”. However, what you should know is... they are lying in definitely.

Meaning is quite clear only machine can tell you the difference. Nevertheless here we have something different to talk. We have crafted 4 thrilling insights in regards of lab grown diamonds that will surprise you for sure.

1. Lab Grown Diamonds cost you 30 to 40% less than the real ones.

Diamonds found in today were formed like billions of years ago. However, there are other types of diamonds called lab grown diamonds; they can be built in matter of 3 months only. They look same. & if you see budget, they cost you 30 to 40% less than natural diamonds.

2. Reportedly in the year of 2013 Industry has used 1500 tons of diamonds.

99% of them were lab grown diamonds.

3. Scientists have created diamonds in lab around 1950s.

They have created a replica in terms of Intense Heat & Pressure which usually formed them underground.

4. It seems to be ideal Heat Sink for Electronics.

They carry more current compare to the Silicon that used in the Semiconductors. In the nearer future, lab grown diamonds might be enabling More Powerful Smaller devices that won’t overheat as a whole.

Today, with respect to science & technology; lab grown diamonds have become more popular in the industry.

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